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Installation conditions

Installation conditions

Valid from 01/06/2022

1. General Information

On a written order, the PREMETEC company will take over the erection, installation and commissioning of the devices it has delivered, as well as maintenance and repair work.

2. Collaboration of the customer

The ordering party shall obligate himself to assist our employees with their work.
The ordering party shall nominate a contact, who will liaise between our employees and his company
The ordering party shall provide a sufficient number of suitable assistants for a sufficiently long time, who shall follow the instructions of our employees.
The ordering party shall make available to requisite technical equipment and energy connections as well as suitable, lockable rooms for the storage of our tools and materials, and reasonable work and recreation rooms for our employees.
By marking tools, stock requisitions etc., the ordering party creates the possibility of our technicians borrowing the ordering party's tools, and using auxiliary materials, such as cleansers, sealants and lubricants.
The ordering party shall perform the work on the customer-side promptly and in good time, to avoid unnecessary waiting times
The ordering party shall certify the working and travelling hours of our technicians on the form supplied.

3. Calculation rates

3.1. Hourly rates for working, travelling and waiting times:

Fitter (mechanical, electrical) €80.00
Service technician (mechatronic technician) €85.00
Software/commissioning technician/engineer/developer €95.00

3.2. Overtime premiums

The normal working hours of our employees are 8 hours daily from Monday to Friday.
Longer hours are deemed to be overtime:
The following surcharges will be charged:
Over 8 hours: 25%
Working between the hours of 20.00 and 6.00: 50%
Saturdays: 50%
Sundays: 70%
Public holidays (Thuringia): 100%

4. Travel costs

For travel by car or small van: €0.80/km
For travel by truck. €1.50/km
For railway tickets: Cost of 1st class ticket
For air travel inside Europa: economy class
Outside Europe: business class, in each case including all flight charges
For rail and air travel, also all costs for traveling to and from the station/airport, including parking fees.

5. Expenses

Daily domestic expense allowance, national: €30.00
Daily expense allowance, international: Maximum daily rate according to national flat rate according to Bundessteuerblatt Teil I (BStBl I) Seite 1256

6. Accommodation costs

According to actual expenditure and documentation, or lump sum according to Bundessteuerblatt Teil I (BStBl I) Seite 1256

7. Cost for remote maintenance/teleservice

The costs are calculated at actual cost at the hourly rates listed under 3.

8. Terms of delivery and payment

The invoicing rates stated in these Terms and Conditions for Assembly are net, that is they are subject to the addition of the legally applicable rate of value added tax.
Installation costs are payable, without deduction, immediately on receipt of the invoice.
With the award of order, the ordering party shall accept our above-mentioned Terms and Conditions for Assembly.
Apart from that, the General Terms of Delivery and Payment of PREMETEC shall apply (Internet:; select General Terms of Business (AGB)).

9. Value added tax

All prices are plus the legally applicable rates of value added tax at the time of assembly.