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Nomination for the Thuringian Innovation Award 2021

für unsere skalierbare, modulare Prüfstandsplattform für Pumpen

Nomination for the Thuringian Innovation Award 2021

Project title:

Scalable test bench platform for checking the functionality of pumps from all industries, especially pumps for hybrid and electric vehicles, under realistic operating conditions

Category: Tradition & Future

Project description:

Ever since anthropogenic climate change was recognized, efforts have been made to minimize emissions. One contribution to this is the electrification of drives when they are fed with renewable energy. In the automotive sector, this applies not only to the drive train, but also to the ancillary units, which are necessary to maintain safety and comfort standards and were previously usually coupled to the drive train. An important ancillary unit are electrically driven oil pumps. They are used to maintain the hydraulic pressure when the engine is off in hybrid vehicles, depending on the type of transmission as an additional pump or for cooling, as suction pumps and ensure optimal, energy-saving coordination of the drive parameters with the driving behavior. Electrically driven oil pumps consist of pump, motor and electronic control. In order to ensure a long service life, each product is ideally tested under realistic conditions. PREMETEC has developed a scalable, modular platform for this purpose, which enables test benches for oil pumps to be manufactured quickly and economically. Particular attention was paid to the parameterization of the test procedure and measured variables as well as the adaptability to new pump types in order to be able to test many real scenarios. In this way, it is possible to react flexibly to current international efforts to minimize emissions. The system currently guarantees maximum efficiency for pumps from a German group.

project video (YouTube)

product information (Premetec)