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Multi-position measuring device Automatic

Measuring device for determining shape, position and dimensional tolerances on bearing boreholes of cast transmission housings

Multi-position measuring device Automatic

Measuring principle

  • Scan of the bearing boreholes at 4 measuring points each with digital measuring sensors
  • Calculation of the diameter by means of arithmetic least square circle according to Gauss
  • Calculation of the axis distance of the bearing boreholes via centre calculation by means of a setup master mathematically corrected to the ideal dimension


100% inspection

Four-part dial table for the parallel execution of work steps

  1. Test piece insertion
    NOK parts output with NOK documentation via error protocol
  2. Measuring
  3. DMC laser marking of the OK parts
  4. Check of the DMC readability via camera
    OK parts output

In addition:

  • Diameter measurement with hand-held borehole plug gauge
  • Handling of heavy test pieces by crane


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