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BK730 Commutator measuring device with roughness

Semi-automatic measuring device for measuring the characteristics of commutators and armatures of electrical machines

Commutator measuring device with roughness

Measuring principle:

The test piece is rotated axially by means of a drive belt and approached with measuring sensors (roundness measurement)
Software calculates the commutator characteristics (including bar-to-bar height) from the roundness measurement data
The test piece is placed in a separate roughness measuring device and its surface is scanned
(assignment of the roughness measurement to the commutator measurement)


  • Measurement results clearly arranged as chart with colour change
  • Quick change of the test pieces by swivelling out the measuring carriage
  • Simple set-up of the adapters, stops and measuring sensors, changing devices for different test pieces


  • Possibility of saving the measured data
  • Automatic locking of NOK parts
  • Marking of OK parts with spray paint can